AtCoder Regular Contest 097

Submission #3960859

Source codeソースコード

(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
  (defparameter OPT
    #+swank '(optimize (speed 3) (safety 2))
    #-swank '(optimize (speed 3) (safety 0) (debug 0)))
  #+swank (progn (ql:quickload '(:cl-debug-print :fiveam))
                 (shadow :run)
                 (use-package :fiveam)))
#+swank (cl-syntax:use-syntax cl-debug-print:debug-print-syntax)

(defmacro bufferd-read-line (&optional (buffer-size 30) (in '*standard-input*) (terminate-char #\Space))
  (let ((buffer (gensym)) (c (gensym)) (idx (gensym)))
    `(let ((,buffer (load-time-value (make-string ,buffer-size
                                                  :element-type 'base-char
                                                  :initial-element ,terminate-char))))
       (declare (simple-base-string ,buffer))
       (loop for ,c of-type base-char =
           #-swank (code-char (read-byte ,in nil #\Newline))
           #+swank (read-char ,in nil #\Newline)
        for ,idx from 0
        until (char= ,c #\Newline)
        do (setf (schar ,buffer ,idx) ,c)
        finally (setf (schar ,buffer ,idx) ,terminate-char)
                (return ,buffer)))))

(defmacro split-ints-and-bind (arg-lst string &body body)
  (let ((pos1 (gensym "POS"))
	(pos2 (gensym "POS"))
	(str (gensym "STR")))
    (labels ((expand (arg-lst &optional (init-pos1 t))
	       (if (null arg-lst)
		   `((let* ((,pos1 ,(if init-pos1 0 `(1+ ,pos2)))
			    (,pos2 (position #\space ,str :start ,pos1 :test #'char=))
			    (,(car arg-lst) (parse-integer ,str :start ,pos1 :end ,pos2)))
		       ,@(expand (cdr arg-lst) nil))))))
      `(let ((,str ,string))
         (declare (string ,str))
	 ,@(expand arg-lst)))))

(declaim (inline split-ints-into-vector))
(defun split-ints-into-vector (str dest-arr &key (offset 0) (key #'identity))
  (declare ((simple-array * (*)) dest-arr)
           ((integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum) offset)
           (function key))
  (loop for idx from offset below (length dest-arr)
        for pos1 = 0 then (1+ pos2)
        for pos2 = (position #\space str :start pos1 :test #'char=)
        do (setf (aref dest-arr idx)
                 (funcall key (parse-integer str :start pos1 :end pos2)))
        finally (return dest-arr)))

(defstruct (union-find-tree
            (:constructor make-union-find-tree
                 (parents (let ((arr (make-array size :element-type '(integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum))))
                            (dotimes (i size arr) (setf (aref arr i) i))))
                 (ranks (make-array size :element-type '(integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum)
                                         :initial-element 0)))))
  (parents nil :type (simple-array (integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum) (*)))
  (ranks nil :type (simple-array (integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum) (*))))

(declaim (ftype (function * (values (integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum) &optional)) uf-root))
(defun uf-root (x uf-tree)
  "Returns the root of X."
  (declare ((integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum) x))
  (let ((parents (union-find-tree-parents uf-tree)))
    (if (= x (aref parents x))
        (setf (aref parents x)
              (uf-root (aref parents x) uf-tree)))))

(declaim (inline uf-unite!))
(defun uf-unite! (x1 x2 uf-tree)
  "Unites X1 and X2 destructively."
  (let ((root1 (uf-root x1 uf-tree))
        (root2 (uf-root x2 uf-tree))
        (parents (union-find-tree-parents uf-tree))
        (ranks (union-find-tree-ranks uf-tree)))
    (cond ((= root1 root2) nil)
          ((< (aref ranks root1) (aref ranks root2))
           (setf (aref parents root1) root2))
          ((= (aref ranks root1) (aref ranks root2))
           (setf (aref parents root2) root1)
           (incf (aref ranks root1)))
          (t (setf (aref parents root2) root1)))))

(declaim (inline uf-connected-p))
(defun uf-connected-p (x1 x2 uf-tree)
  "Checks if X1 and X2 have the same root."
  (= (uf-root x1 uf-tree) (uf-root x2 uf-tree)))

(defmacro define-int-types (&rest bits)
     ,@(mapcar (lambda (b) `(deftype ,(intern (format nil "UINT~A" b)) () '(unsigned-byte ,b))) bits)
     ,@(mapcar (lambda (b) `(deftype ,(intern (format nil "INT~A" b)) () '(signed-byte ,b))) bits)))
(define-int-types 4 7 8 15 16 31 32 62 63 64)

(defmacro println (obj &optional (stream '*standard-output*))
  `(let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
     (prog1 (princ ,obj ,stream) (terpri ,stream))))

;; Hauptteil

(defun main ()
  (let* ((n (read))
         (m (read))
         (seq (make-array n :element-type 'uint32))
         (tree (make-union-find-tree n)))
    (split-ints-into-vector (read-line) seq :key #'1-)
    (dotimes (_ m)
      (split-ints-and-bind (x y) (bufferd-read-line 20)
        (uf-unite! (aref seq (- x 1)) (aref seq (- y 1)) tree)))
     (loop for i below n
           count (uf-connected-p i (aref seq i) tree)))))



Task問題 D - Equals
User nameユーザ名 sansaqua
Created time投稿日時
Language言語 Common Lisp (SBCL 1.1.14)
Status状態 AC
Score得点 400
Source lengthソースコード長 5076 Byte
File nameファイル名
Exec time実行時間 263 ms
Memory usageメモリ使用量 30560 KB

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1_004.txt AC 156 ms 18916 KB
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